The 5 Hybrid and Remote Work Models for Your Business

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Even in normal business times, business terms are seemingly ever-evolving and ever-emerging.

But when a crisis, opportunity, or trend emerges, these new business terms develop at even an even more rapid pace.

Keep pace with change

In such scenarios, the burden falls on executives, managers, and employees to keep pace with new lingo because understanding these terms becomes fairly vital to grasping a company, its industry, and methodologies.

Such is the case now with the burgeoning trend of remote work. That trend began emerging in the late 20th century at an incremental pace as personal computers and email became widely available.

But it has vastly accelerated during the current pandemic, Now, even as the pandemic’s constraints show signs of easing, it is a trend that looks poised to continue.

Considerable experience in remote working

Having experienced remote work for a considerable period of time, many employees and companies have come to see some clear advantages and value in it.

Enter the new phraseology of remote work, and Inc. has identified five related phrases that seem to describe the various work model options that now show appear to be emerging in a post-pandemic era.

1. Office-Centric Hybrid

First, there is the “office-centric hybrid” in which employees come into their office a majority of the time but work at another off-site location, or from home, one or two days weekly.

2. Fully Flexible Hybrid

Second, there is the “fully flexible hybrid.” In this scenario, employees have full discretion over how they allocate their time between office and remote locations.

3. Fully Flexible Hybrid

Third is the “remotish-hybrid.” This model permits but limits the days in which employees can work off-site, or permits a certain percentage of employees (but not all) to work off-site permanently.

4. Hybrid Remote-Office

The fourth model, what is being called the “hybrid remote-office,” affords employees their own option to choose the location where they work, or to split the time between locations as they prefer.

5. Remote-First

Finally, there is the “remote-first” approach under which remote work is the first and only option, a trend that seems revolutionary but whose popularity is clearly ascending.

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