Spy agents’ 8 ways to sabotage business meetings

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A Spy Agency taught agents 8 Techniques to sabotage business meetings 79 years ago.

Regrettably, you will still encounter most of them in meetings, this explains how strategies used by spies in 1944 are still used in meetings today.

During World War II, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) provided training to spies on how to sabotage commercial meetings.

Late arrival, interrupting or monopolizing the topic

The training materials featured eight methods that are still widespread today, such as arriving late, interrupting, speaking in a monotone voice, and monopolizing the topic.

For example, arguing that showing up late is a strategy for asserting your importance and busyness and that interrupting someone else’s thought is a means to prove that your concept is superior.

Ground rules and humor

These strategies can also be avoided through a number of techniques including setting ground rules at the start of the meeting, being firm without being confrontational, and utilizing humor to ease tension.

Although they might appear antiquated now, these spy agency strategies are still used in a lot of corporate meetings. To stop these strategies from ruining their meetings, readers should be aware of them and take appropriate action.

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