5 ways to help workplace perfectionists break their time-sucking traits

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Workplace perfectionists must break free from this trait and realize that perfectionism can be a time-sucking trait in the job.

The challenge

While striving for perfection can occasionally result in excellent work, it can also be a burden because it frequently causes one to focus too much on minute details and too little on the wider picture.

Stress, exhaustion, and missed opportunities may result from this.


There are various suggestions to help perfectionists overcome this trait, including establishing clear goals, prioritizing tasks, and developing the ability to let go of errors. Perfectionists must take breaks and engage in activities that help them unwind and clear their brains at work.

By providing constructive criticism, promoting risk-taking and cultivating a work climate that prioritizes progress over perfection, managers may support their perfectionist staff.

Overall, emphasis is laid on the fact that perfectionism can be a valuable trait in the workplace but it’s important to strike a balance between striving for excellence and avoiding burnout.

These above suggestions can help workplace perfectionists to be more productive and get better outcomes.

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