Tim Cook has five go-to words for controlling the narrative at Apple: “The way I see it”

Viewed in Inc.

“Good communicators know how they’re going to answer questions about their company’s products, financials, or vision.

They don’t ramble or give convoluted responses. They use words that are precise and assertive. And there are few leaders who do it better than Apple CEO Tim Cook,” Carmine Gallo writes.

But what words are those? Five Cook uses frequently are: “The way I see it.”

The phrase is persuasive, Gallo writes, because it permits a leader to reframe a conversation without misleading an audience.  “Cook often uses five words in a variety of ways to control the narrative.

Instead of ‘the way I see it,’ Cook sometimes says, ‘To put it in perspective’ or ‘To put it in context.’

Either way, Cook is reframing the message to help his listeners understand the broader business story,” Gallo writes in this short but instructive article on Cook’s successful communication style.          

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