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Out of the last 15 years, companies have never shaken up their organizational charts as much as they did in 2023, as our data clearly shows. Does this revelation surprise us? Not really. For the authors, Alex Camp, Arne Gast, Drew Goldstein, and Brooke Weddle at McKinsey, it’s a telling sign of the times.

Their article dives deep into the enduring significance of organizational health as the cornerstone for consistent performance and competitive advantage in today’s unpredictable business arena.

They outshine their peers

Despite the tumultuous landscape marked by geopolitical shifts, technological leaps, and economic uncertainties, companies that prioritize organizational health consistently outshine their peers. But what exactly is organizational health? It’s about how effectively leaders steer their organizations, covering everything from strategic alignment to execution effectiveness and innovation prowess.

Performance and resilience

McKinsey’s extensive research spanning over two decades leaves no room for doubt: healthy organizations yield significantly higher shareholder returns and demonstrate greater resilience, even amidst complexity. And let’s not forget the powerful validation from McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI), which highlights the undeniable link between organizational health and financial performance.

Data-driven insights

Decisive leadership, fueled by data-driven insights, emerges as a crucial catalyst for organizational health. Leaders who empower their teams and prioritize strategic clarity, role definition, personal ownership, and competitive awareness reap substantial performance gains.

Continuous improvement

Moreover, fostering talent mobility and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement emerge as indispensable ingredients for long-term success. Companies that facilitate internal role transitions and invest in upskilling witness lower burnout rates, higher retention, and amplified employee advocacy.

Devoting resources

While some may view organizational health as an abstract concept, McKinsey underscores its tangible impact on performance metrics. Executives are urged to treat organizational health with the same rigor as financial management, devoting time, attention, and resources to sustain it.


In closing, McKinsey’s article serves as a clarion call for companies, regardless of their current standing, to consistently monitor and enhance their organizational health. Just as athletes maintain peak fitness to excel, companies must remain steadfast in optimizing their health to outpace competitors in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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