Coaching for tech workers who have experienced layoffs

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In North America, Alisa Cohen serves senior-level and mid-career professionals as the managing partner of an executive career coaching practice.

Her clientele is primarily in the Big Tech sector—more than 50%—and B2B SaaS or e-commerce, with another 30%. She mentors employees from companies including Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Meta, Oracle, Meta and Uber.

While some people are looking for new jobs right away, others are evaluating their career choices.

Many of these layoffs occur after several years of “grinding,” Thus, following their termination, they often take a brief sabbatical or become more careful about where they go next.

Some take advantage of this opportunity to transition into consulting or freelancing positions.

Value matching

Job applicants should consider whether the culture, leadership, and work environment correspond with their values.

  Three things are crucial to consider: 

  • Flexibility in their work schedules.
  • Inspiring leadership.
  • Chances for career advancement.
Focus on impact

Focusing on impact over effort is a fundamental tactic in the “scared productivity” movement, which has evolved from the “quiet quitting” trend.

These managers must balance their worries about their futures with the need to keep the work going and inspire their teams.

She mentors these managers by explaining their value, the difference they’ve made, and how to link their activities to their outcomes.

Exercise discrimination

According to Karan Kaur, a CareerBuilder coach, her laid-off clients are advised to relax, have faith, and exercise discrimination in their job hunt. She recommends that you speak specifically about your accomplishments and experiences on your résumé to meet the requirements of the jobs you are applying for.

Leverage keywords

Use keywords to enhance your profile on LinkedIn so recruiters and hiring managers can find you.

Craft your narrative

To demonstrate the relationship between your qualifications and the job you’re seeking, carefully craft your narrative. And finally, the best way to get ready for interviews is to research the business, the position, the industry, and the interviewers themselves.

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