Your essential skills for 2023

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More than 70% of businesses say that their employees lack vital skills, yet many of those businesses are not necessarily seeking workers with so-called “hard” skills.

Instead, soft skills are winning the day, such as agility and flexibility.

Companies are looking beyond work history and experience to focus on what employees can learn and apply at work, as opposed to what they already know or have accomplished.

As a result, many of 2023’s in-demand skills have more to do with mindset than quantifiable, existing abilities.

Eager to learn

Companies seek employees who are eager to learn, open to new solutions and creative ways of approaching ongoing challenges and don’t default to the old ways of doing things.


Companies are looking for employees who can deal with ambiguity, know what to do when they don’t know what to do, and be willing to do more work.


And are keen enough to go above and beyond to achieve targets and make new records by utilizing their highest speed parameter to complete their projects successfully.

Work capacity

The ability to continue and work toward a goal requires accurate determination, which is what managers seek in employees who can accomplish more in a day than their colleagues can in a week.


Employees who had difficulties during the past two years frequently considered switching employment, but employers prefer to work with people who are persistent.

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